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This 20 second video explains the purpose of  

Real Meaning of Christmas


Christmas time with your family might be a little crazy. But how does a Christian influence their non-Christian family this time of the year?  

My Christmas Spirit is Broken


Happy holidays with my family. What if you don't feel like that at all and really feel the exact opposite? 

Share the Big News


Have you made the list of who you are buying gifts for this Christmas? This article might change your perspective on your gift choices.

When Technology Loses


Are you about the new iPhone or the Apple watch? Take a quick look at someone* more powerful than BOTH. 

Something about Selfies


It's a lot of fun taking them - if you've got the right filter. But is there something more about snapping that selfie? 

Moving on from a Break-up


Break-ups are terrible. I know - understatement ALERT !! But how can the Christian get over one? Is that possible?

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