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Bad News - Not So Fast


Do you ever look at your feed and think "all this is so depressing nothing but bad news?" What if there are some ways to avoid feeling down while reading the news?

When Your Help Isn't Wanted


Having real friendships are hard work. What do you do when your hurting friend  doesn't want help?

When Meagan Changed


Meagan had been used to worrying a lot. Then, something special happened to her that changed her. Are you like Meagan?  

Thanks for Visiting


This 20 second video explains the purpose of  

Friends Telling Friends


Telling your friends about the greatest band or newest Snapchat filter seems really important. What if I told you there's more for friends to be telling friends? 

What's Missing Here


This website needs you. Your friends need you. Send us a topic you'll like discussed, a question answered and it will appear on this site. 

Growing into 2020


Resolutions go away quickly but it doesn't have to be. What are 4 ways to grow & stay closer to God in 2020?

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